Lost in Necropolis

All in the name of Doom and Glory

Jen Lawliet
70s metal, 80s metal, ac/dc, alan moore, anime, anime junkie, apostle of solitude, asia, asian cinema, asian horror cinema, astonishing xmen, batman, black math horseman, black sabbath, blood ceremony, blue cheer, blues-rock, buffy the vampire slayer, captain beyond, cathedral, christopher nolan, classic metal, classic rock, cognitive neuroscience, comic books, contradictions, dark horse, david eddings, daydreaming, dc comics, doom metal, doramas, draconian, electric wizard, epic metal, fantasy novels, female fronted metal, female vocalists, feminism, folk, geek, ghost, girlschool, gothic-doom metal, grand magus, hard rock, heavy metal, history, horror, hour of 13, hugh laurie, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese food, japanese pop, japanese rock, jex thoth, joss whedon, k-pop, kick-ass, korea, korean food, korean pop, law and order, law and order svu, legend of the seeker, literature, lord of the rings, magneto was right, manga, manilla road, martial arts cinema, marvel, marvel animation, marvel comics, marvel studios, metal, metalhead, motorhead, nerd, neuropsychology, nightwish, nwobhm, occult, okatu, opeth, pentagram, pessimism, pocky, psychedelic, psychiatry, psychology, reading, retro, reverend bizarre, robert jordan, saint vitus, saxon, scandinavian female vocalists, serpentcult, solitude, spacing out, supernatural, the avengers, the gathering, the lamp of thoth, the mentalist, the sword of truth, the wheel of time, tolkien, traditional doom metal, trouble, ultimate xmen, uncanny xmen, watchmen, witchfinder general, world of warcraft, xmen